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Machine Remanufacturing

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Make Your Press Better Than New

With tremendous press engineering capability at its disposal, Minster has the ability to modify your press to better meet your current needs. These modifications may include changes to the press' original specifications and/or incorporating newer technologies into your older press. Depending on your press type and its condition, potential modifications include:
• Increased Energy Ratings
• Stroke Change
• Shutheight Change
• Increased Speeds
• Reduced Stopping Times
• Control Upgrades

Minster's Standard Remanufacturing Process Includes:

1. Complete press teardown
2. Cleaning and inspection of all parts and comparing them to original specifications
3. Remachining of crown bearing bores, connection bores, gibs slide and bolster as required to meet specifications.
4. Replacement of all bronze bushings, bearings, oil seals, packing and other wear items.
5. Installation of a new lubrication system
6. Installation of a new pneumatic system
7. Upgrading to the latest safety requirements
8. Supply of a new, updated service manual
9. Retention of a permanent record for the life of the remanufactured equipment
10. 24/7/365 emergency parts and service response.

Remanufacturing Facility
Minster Remanufacturing Operations Are Performed in a Dedicated 40,000 Square Foot Facility.

You Have Our Guarantee

We back up our promise of quality with a parts and labor warranty to cover work we've done. New mechanical components are covered for a full two years, and new electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic parts are warranted for one year.

Repair Parts
Parts for Remanufactured Minster Presses Are Readily Available and Guaranteed to Fit.

DAC BeforeDAC After

Take full advantage of the productive potential in your older Minster presses. Have them remanufactured and their performance enhanced with the latest techniques and equipment. And don't compromise the results. To truly remanufacture your Minster, bring it back to the people who built it in the first place... bring it home to Minster.

Minster Used Press Information
Looking to buy or sell a used press? Click Here, Minster can help.
Register your used Minster Press HERE, and quailfy for a $500 credit toward a Press Inspection
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